The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1 Page-446

The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1

A plain and literal translation of the arabian nights entertainments

xiii.). With civilisation, which objects to the good old remedy, the sword, they become worse: and the Kazi’s court is crowded with would-be divorcees. Under English rule the evil has reached its acme because it goes unpunished: in the avenues of the new Isma’iliyah Quarter, inhabited by Europeans, women, even young women, will threaten to expose their persons unless they receive “bakhsh�sh.” It was the same in Sind when husbands were assured that they would be hanged for cutting down adulterous wives: at once after its conquest the women broke loose; and in 1843-50, if a young officer sent to the bazaar for a girl, half-a-dozen would troop to his quarters. Indeed more than once the professional prostitutes threatened to memorialise Sir Charles Napier because the “modest women,” the “ladies” were taking the bread out of their mouths. The same was the case at Kabul (Caboul) of Afghanistan in the old war of 1840; and here the women had more excuse, the husbands being notable sodomites as the song has it. The worth of slit the Afghan knows; The worth of hole the K�bul-man. [FN#599] So that he might not have to do with three sisters-german. Moreover amongst Moslems a girl’s conduct is presaged by that of her mother; and if one sister go wrong, the other is expected to follow suit. Practically the rule applies everywhere, “like mother like daughter.” [FN#600] In sign of dissent; as opposed to nodding the head which signifies assent. These are two items, apparently instinctive and universal, of man’s gesture-language which has been so highly cultivated by sundry North American tribes and by the surdo-mute establishments of Europe. [FN#601] This “Futur” is the real “breakfast” of the East, the “Chhoti h�zri” (petit d�je�ner) of India, a bit of bread, a cup of coffee or tea and a pipe on rising, In the text, however, it is a ceremonious affair.