The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1 Page-445

The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1

A plain and literal translation of the arabian nights entertainments

[FN#592] He was ceremonially impure after touching a corpse. [FN#593] The phrase is perfectly appropriate: Cairo without “her Nile” would be nothing. [FN#594] “The market was hot” say the Hindustanis. This would begin between 7 and 8 a.m. [FN#595] Arab. Al-Faranj, Europeans generally. It is derived from “Gens Francorum,” and dates from Crusading days when the French played the leading part. Hence the Lingua Franca, the Levantine jargon, of which Moli�re has left such a witty specimen. [FN#596] A process familiar to European surgery of the same date. [FN#597] In sign of disappointment, regret, vexation; a gesture still common amongst Moslems and corresponding in significance to a certain extent with our stamping, wringing the hands and so forth. It is not mentioned in the Koran where, however, we find “biting fingers’ ends out of wrath” against a man (chaps. iii.). [FN#598] This is no unmerited scandal. The Cairenes, especially the feminine half (for reasons elsewhere given), have always been held exceedingly debauched. Even the modest Lane gives a “shocking” story of a woman enjoying her lover under the nose of her husband and confining the latter in a madhouse (chaps.