The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1 Page-436

The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1

A plain and literal translation of the arabian nights entertainments

[FN#537] The lines have occurred in Night xii. By way of variety I give Torrens’ version p. 273. [FN#538] The way of carrying money in the corner of a pocket-handkerchief is still common. [FN#539] He sent the provisions not to be under an obligation to her in this matter. And she received them to judge thereby of his liberality [FN#540] Those who have seen the process of wine-making in the Libanus will readily understand why it is always strained. [FN#541] Arab. “Kulkas�,” a kind of arum or yam, eaten boiled like our potatoes. [FN#542]At first he slipped the money into the bed-clothes: now he gives it openly and she accepts it for a reason. [FN#543] Arab. Al-Zalamah lit. = tyrants, oppressors, applied to the police and generally to employ�s of Government. It is a word which tells a history. [FN#544] Moslem law is never completely satisfied till the criminal confess. It also utterly ignores circumstantial evidence and for the best of reasons: amongst so sharp-witted a people the admission would lead to endless abuses. I greatly surprised a certain Governor-General of India by giving him this simple