The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1 Page-432

The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1

A plain and literal translation of the arabian nights entertainments

The fine white asses, often thirteen hands high, sold by the Banu Sal�b and other Badawi tribes, will fetch �100, and more. I rode a little brute from Meccah to Jedda (42 miles) in one night and it came in with me cantering. [FN#512] A dry measure of about five bushels (Cairo). The classical pronunciation is Irdabb and it measured 24 sa’a (gallons) each filling four outstretched hands. [FN#513] “Al-Jaw�li” should be Al-J�wali (Al-Makrizi) and the Bab al-Nasr (Gate of Victory) is that leading to Suez. I lived in that quarter as shown by my Pilgrimage (i. 62). [FN#514] Arab. “Al-‘ajalah,” referring to a saying in every Moslem mouth, “Patience is from the Protector (Allah): Hurry is from Hell.” That and “Inshallah bukra!” (Please God tomorrow.) are the traveller’s b�tes noires. [FN#515] Here it is a polite equivalent for “fall to!” [FN#516] The left hand is used throughout the East for purposes of ablution and is considered unclean. To offer the left hand would be most insulting and no man ever strokes his beard with it or eats with it: hence, probably, one never sees a left handed man throughout the Moslem east. In the Brazil for the same reason old-fashioned people will not take snuff with the right hand. And it is related of the Khataians that they prefer the left hand, “Because the heart, which is the Sultan of the city of the Body, hath his mansion on that side” (Rauzat al-Saf�). [FN#517] Two feminine names as we might say Mary and Martha.