The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1 Page-150

The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1

A plain and literal translation of the arabian nights entertainments

If sun I call him no! the sun cloth set; * If moon I call him, wane the moons; Ah no! O sad mischance o’ thee, O doom of days, * Thy place none other love shall ever know: Thy sire distracted sees thee, but despairs * By wit or wisdom Fate to overthrow: Some evil eye this day hath cast its spell * And foul befal him as it foul betel!” Then he sobbed a single sob and his soul fled his flesh. The slaves shrieked aloud, “Alas, our lord!” and showered dust on their heads and redoubled their weeping and wailing. Presently they carried their dead master to the ship side by side with his dead son and, having transported all the stuff from the dwelling to the vessel, set sail and disappeared from mine eyes. I descended from the tree and, raising the trap-door, went down into the underground dwelling where everything reminded me of the youth; and I looked upon the poor remains of him and began repeating these verses:— “Their tracks I see, and pine with pain and pang * And on deserted hearths I weep and yearn: And Him I pray who doomed them depart * Some day vouchsafe the boon of safe return.”[FN#280] Then, O my lady, I went up again by the trap-door, and every day I used to wander round about the island and every night I returned to the underground hall. Thus I lived for a month, till at last, looking at the western side of the island, I observed that every day the fibs ebbed, leaving shallow water for which the flow did not compensate; and by the end of the month the sea showed dry land in that direction. At this I rejoiced making certain of my safety; so I arose and fording what little was left of the water got me to the mainland, where I fell in with great heaps of loose sand in which even a camel’s hoof would sink up to the knee.[FN#281] However I emboldened my soul and wading through the sand behold, a fire shone from afar burning with a brazing light.[FN#282] So I made for it hoping haply to find succour, and broke out into these verses:—