The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1 Page-133

The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night, Vol 1

A plain and literal translation of the arabian nights entertainments

through the streets’, whilst the people were amazed and amused. And folk said to one another, “Halloo! is our Sultan about to make an ape his Minister?”; and came all agog crowding to gaze at me, and the town was astir and turned topsy turvy on my account. When they brought me up to the King and set me in his presence, I kissed the ground before him three times, and once before the High Chamberlain and great officers, and he bade me be seated, and I sat respectfully on shins and knees,[FN#238] and all who were present marvelled at my fine manners, and the King most of all. Thereupon he ordered the lieges to retire; and, when none remained save the King’s majesty, the Eunuch on duty and a little white slave, he bade them set before me the table of food, con taining all manner of birds, whatever hoppeth and flieth and treadeth in nest, such as quail and sand grouse. Then he signed me to eat with him; so I rose and kissed ground before him, then sat me down and ate with him. And when the table was removed I washed my hands in seven waters and took the reed-case and reed; and wrote instead of speaking these couplets:— Wail for the little partridges on porringer and plate; * Cry for the ruin of the fries and stews well marinate: Keen as I keen for loved, lost daughters of the Kat�- grouse,[FN#239] * And omelette round the fair enbrowned fowls agglomerate: O fire in heart of me for fish, those deux poissons I saw, * Bedded on new made scones[FN#240] and cakes in piles to laniate. For thee, O vermicelli! aches my very maw! I hold Without thee every taste and joy are clean annihilate Those eggs have rolled their yellow eyes in torturing pains of fire Ere served with hash and fritters hot, that delicatest cate. Praised be Allah for His baked and roast and ah! how good * This pulse, these pot-herbs steeped in oil with eysill combinate! When hunger sated was, I elbow-propt fell back upon * Meat pudding[FN#241] wherein gleamed the bangles that my wits amate. Then woke I sleeping appetite to eat as though in sport * Sweets from broceded trays and kickshaws most elaborate. Be patient, soul of me! Time is a haughty, jealous wight; * Today he seems dark-