Taking Chances Page-99

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I froze, wondering if he had felt me trying to use his body to satiate my need. I didn’t have to wonder long. “Trying to take advantage of me in my sleep?” “Don’t be absurd,” I answered automatically. He shifted to his side, and I felt his erection at my hip. Before I could cover my reaction, I gulped in a breath and closed my eyes, relishing the feel of him against me. I released the air shakily. “I can tell that you want me, and I have wanted you since I first laid eyes on you,” Sam murmured in my ear. “Say the word, and I’ll scratch that itch for you.” He gently bit my earlobe, and I felt it all the way down my spine. I shook my head, trying to be strong and resist him. He ran a hand up the shirt I had borrowed from him and hovered over my breast. I arched my back, yearning for him to touch me. His fingers were so close that I could feel their warmth, but he didn’t touch my skin. He looked directly in my eyes, “Say the word, Abby.” I reached out to smooth my hand under his shirt, but he used his free hand to stop me. He pinned down my errant hand over my head. Somehow, his achingly close fingers never touched my breast, even though my nipple was puckering out towards him. He lowered his face to mine and brushed a whisper of a kiss across my cheek. “Say it,” he demanded once more. I had known this was inevitable since I’d first felt this insane attraction to him. I just hadn’t been willing to admit it. I thought about trying to deny him, but knew that I just wasn’t capable of it. Having him so close, teasing me was more than my sexually charged body could take. I decided to completely let go of my inhibitions and doubts. For the first time in my life, I was just going to savor the pure pleasure of hot, dirty,