Taking Chances Page-98

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 26 His breathing settled into a regular rhythm, and I could tell he had fallen asleep. How could he sleep when I was so worked up? Men!?! I couldn’t focus on the movie that was playing. My mind was completely preoccupied with my proximity to Sam. He and his dog were sprawled across me as if they owned me, and it was nice. No, it was way beyond nice. It was fantastic and warm and comfortable. My hands were itching to touch him. I could easily reach under his shirt and run my hands over his chest and belly. Maybe I could even do it without waking him. What if he did awaken, though? I wasn’t prepared to deal with the idea of sleeping with Seth’s brother. Unfortunately, my Jiminy Cricket-like conscience didn’t seem to be willing to let this one slide, but my body simply wasn’t listening. My nipples were erect and swollen. I didn’t remember them ever being this taut for this long. They were achy and needed to be touched. I shifted slowly and carefully to lightly rub my breast along his arm. I wanted more, much more, but I didn’t dare. My legs were spread apart, since my ankle was elevated on the back of the couch. I could feel wetness at my core. One of Sam’s legs was sprawled across my leg that remained down. I moved slightly to the left to bring the weight of his leg closer to the pulsing need at my center. I was so tightly wound and turned on that if he moved his leg another inch, I was sure I would come. How did I go from being unable to orgasm to flying over the edge with a fully clothed man’s leg near my vagina? This attraction I had to Sam was not logical. My body was humming with excitement at his nearness. I was contemplating another stealth move, when I noticed that his breathing had changed. It was no longer the deep, regular breaths of sleep.