Taking Chances Page-96

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Once I dried off, I donned the soft, black shirt and sweatpants that he had brought for me. The clothes were baggy and warm, and they smelled fabulous. The scent was pure Sam, and I wondered briefly if I would be able to keep them as a little souvenir of this adventure. Contemplating stealing just to have a piece of him? I shook my head over where my thoughts had gone. Nothing good can possibly come from sleeping with Sam, I reminded myself. Well, other than the night of hot, passionate, mind-blowing sex. I decided that I needed to list off all of the reasons not to have sex with Sam as reminders to myself in case I was tempted to give in to my lusty body’s demand later tonight. Okay, the elephant in the room is that he’s Seth’s brother, and that’s just icky and wrong. That should be enough reason to steer clear of him right there. As if that weren’t enough, he treats women like objects. He doesn’t care about me. He’s probably only interested me as some screwed up way to compete with Seth. The self-conscious side of me began to rear its ugly head. Besides, I’m not nearly as pretty as the women he’s usually with. I’d probably disappoint him sexually. I ticked off the problems with fooling around with Sam in my head and resolved to remember them even if temptation struck. Okay, when temptation struck. “I can do this.” I gave myself a pep talk. “Don’t give in. He’s not right for me.” I ran through my reminders verbally, since I didn’t have my Post-it notes to put on the mirror. “You okay in there?” Sam knocked lightly on the door. “Sounds like you’re talking to yourself.” I was mortified that he had heard me. “I’m fine. You must be hearing things.” I lamely tried to put the blame back on him. I quickly went through my reminders once more, silently this time, before hopping on my good foot over to open the door. He looked as handsome