Taking Chances Page-93

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

“I thought you were Seth,” I responded automatically. “I know, and that makes it even worse. He always wins. Why did he get to you first, too?” He was looking down, shaking his head. “Now I sound like a whiny brat,” he muttered. I realized what this was. He wasn’t interested in me. It was just another way to compete with his brother. “I won’t be a pawn in your rivalry with Seth.” I spat the words out. “I thought that too, at first, but it’s more than that.” He placed my hand directly over his heart and I could feel it thumping wildly. It was beating almost as frantically as my own. I yanked my hand back. “That is a purely physiological reaction. My heart is racing, too.” He held up a hand and wiggled his brows, indicating his willingness to feel mine. I shoved his hand away, chuckling at his naughtiness. “I’m very attracted to you, Abby, and believe me, it has nothing to do with my brother.” I felt flustered by his direct gaze and blunt words. I could feel my body reacting to him, wanting to pull him to me. I didn’t dare to admit, even to myself, how much I wanted him, but there was no denying that my body had a magnetic reaction to him. He shifted so that he was face to face with me. “I do have one question before I jump your bones.” His words filled me with anticipation as arousal zinged through me. “Are you and Seth finished?” I wasn’t sure how to respond. I desired this man more than I had ever wanted anyone, even though he had made it clear that he uses women for sex. I was appalled that I wasn’t utterly revolted by his attitude. My brain wanted to tell him to buzz off, but every pore in my body was screaming at me to go for it. The rational side of me couldn’t fathom being intimate with brothers, especially not twins; but the lusty side of me just didn’t care. I wanted him. My body craved him.