Taking Chances Page-92

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

to say, so I waited for him to continue. I didn’t have to wait long. “Seth was born first, and ever since, I have been trying to catch up with him. He’s always been a little faster, a little smarter, and a little better at everything. The really annoying part is that he doesn’t even try. He doesn’t have a competitive bone in his body and couldn’t care less if he wins, but somehow he always comes out on top. I try not to let it bother me, but sometimes it gets to me.” He ran a hand through his shiny black hair before forging on. “When we were out on the lake that day, no one else noticed that he didn’t surface right away. I could feel that he was in trouble and, I waited. I stood there imagining what life would be like without him, rather than immediately jumping in to save him.” The tortured look on his face said more than his words. I grabbed his hands with mine before saying, “You did save him, that’s the important part. Anyone might have had wayward thoughts, but you overcame them and did the right thing.” “I shouldn’t have hesitated. What if something had happened to him because I didn’t jump in right away?” “Nothing bad happened. It all worked out in the end, so you need to stop beating yourself up about it. We all have thoughts that we aren’t proud of, but it’s our actions that matter.” I pictured the sexy fantasies that I imagined whenever I was with Sam. I wondered if he could read my mind when he said, “What if I have naughty thoughts about my brother’s girlfriend?” Was he teasing me? I couldn’t read him very well, but he certainly seemed sincere. I decided to play it off as a joke. “Oh please, I’m not your type at all.” “How do you know what my type is?” he countered. “I’ve been thinking about you non-stop since our unbelievably hot make-out session in the bathroom at the charity auction.”