Taking Chances Page-91

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

he hid it well. “It’s something like that, I guess. I don’t want anyone getting too attached.” I wondered if he was referring to the never-ending parade of women or himself. The discussion had taken a serious turn. He still had my foot in his hands, but his fingers had stilled. I gently nudged him with my foot, and he smiled as he resumed the fabulous, relaxing massage. “It’s a good thing you picked Seth,” he said somberly. I hadn’t even met Sam when Seth and I started dating, so I didn’t really have a choice, but I wasn’t about to point that out to him. When he continued, his words surprised me. “Sometimes I think I’m the evil twin.” This uber-confident, stubborn man was opening up to me about his insecurities. I wanted to proceed carefully, lest he clam up or, worse yet, put up his overbearing, obnoxious façade. “I wouldn’t say you’re evil.” At his grin, I decided to tone it down a little, “Ornery, and vain, and annoying, but not evil.” I smiled to let him know I wasn’t being too serious. “Ornery, vain, and annoying – yep, that pretty much sums me up. I need to write a theme song.” He gently laid my foot in the water, turned off the tap, restored the drain plug and situated himself beside me at the head of the bathtub. I lowered myself further into the water. I felt as relaxed as a bowl of noodles, with the exception of my heart, which was about ready to beat out my chest, as it always did when Sam was near. I had sensed the return of his façade, so I shifted the conversation. “Why would you think you are the evil twin?” “Because Seth is so good, and I am so bad.” His answer was simple. “Seth wouldn’t agree with that. He was quick to tell me that he wouldn’t be alive, if it weren’t for you and your ‘twin sense.’” “Well, what he doesn’t know, what no one knows, is that I hesitated that day out on the boat.” He peered up at me from lowered lids as if concerned that I would be shocked by his confession. I wasn’t sure what