Taking Chances Page-90

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

“Well, for starters, he showed up at our family brunch without you today.” I felt like I had been punched in the gut at this confirmation that Seth was alive and well and just avoiding me, but I tried not to let it show on my face. I had been hoping that there was some other logical explanation, even though I hadn’t been able to think of one. Sam didn’t seem to notice my inner turmoil as he continued on. “And since you would rather spend time with the twin that you hate than to have me call him, I’m guessing that there’s trouble in paradise.” “I don’t hate you,” I answered automatically. He raised his eyebrows, waiting for my response about Seth. I struggled to find the right words, and finally settled on, “We’re taking a break.” I didn’t miss the sparkle that lit Sam’s eyes before he was able to mask it. “Hmmm,” he murmured noncommittally. I was glad that he didn’t question me further and decided to use the opportunity to question him a little. “Enough about me, what’s with you and the ‘I’ girls?” “Whatever do you mean?” He smiled and batted his dark lashes, letting me know that he knew exactly what I meant. He lowered the foot he’d been rubbing and gingerly lifted the injured one to give it the same treatment before continuing. “They serve two purposes. They look good on my arm and they feel good in my bed.” I was surprised and rather taken aback by his blatant honesty. “So, women are just playthings to you, meant to be shown off and used, then tossed aside?” He stopped rubbing as he looked directly in my eyes to answer. “Make no mistake. They are using me every bit as much as I am using them. They know exactly what they are getting into. I make no pretenses about it.” “And that makes it okay?” I wondered aloud. “So, that’s why you never kiss them on the lips? You don’t want to give them any false hopes?” If he was surprised that I knew this little tidbit of information about him,