Taking Chances Page-87

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 23 I was so warm and relaxed that his soft knock on the door startled me. “Umm. I’m still in the tub.” He opened the door but didn’t cross the threshold. I quickly moved to make sure the bubbles were covering all of my important parts and was relieved to find that they were. “What are you doing?” I asked, annoyed that he had opened the door when he knew I was naked in here. “I brought you some clean clothes.” He held up some neatly folded black sweats to emphasize his point. “Your clothes are soaked. I can come back with these dry ones later, when you are standing there with just a towel to cover your wet, naked skin, if you like?” My whole body tingled when he said the words ‘wet, naked skin.’ “No, just leave them over there, please.” I pointed to the antique dresser where he had retrieved the towels and bubble bath. He pointedly ignored me, setting the clothes next to the sink and then walking over to sit on the floor beside the tub. I was unnerved by his nearness and overly aware of my nudity. “You can’t stay in here,” my voice sounded shrill. “Sure I can. Besides, your girly bits are covered, and I won’t climb in there unless you want me to.” I snorted with laughter at his reference to my girly bits, surprised by his word choice. He leaned his head on the tub and smiled at me. I felt my traitorous nipples pucker into hard nubs and looked down to verify once again that they were covered. I needed to put some distance between us, so I said, “Would you please bring me the phone, so I can give Courtney a call as soon as I get out of the tub?” “Already done,” he responded.