Taking Chances Page-86

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

All of this was for me? Wow. “I think I can manage,” I responded. “Happy to help,” he responded with a knowing smile, the first remotely friendly look he’d given me all evening. I shook my head, so he headed for the door saying, “Come on, Miss Dixie. I guess we aren’t needed here.” I snorted with laughter. He slowly turned to look at me with a questioning raised eyebrow. “That behemoth’s name is Miss Dixie?” I couldn’t help it, the giggles bubbled out. “Spanking me and laughing at my dog’s name?” he cocked an eyebrow at me. “I might just have to get even with you later,” he promised before slipping out the door with Miss Dixie hot on his heels. She was probably relieved the bath wasn’t for her. I wondered what he meant by getting even with me later. Was it a sexual innuendo? You wish, I laughed at myself. I couldn’t get a clear read on him. He probably flirted with everyone that way. He was a lady-killer. Besides, I had been with his twin brother. I peeled off my wet clothes, hopped on my good foot over to the tub, and sighed as I sank into the warm, soothing bath. It felt like heaven and was just what my tired, sore body needed.