Taking Chances Page-85

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

My body had almost relaxed when I felt him start climbing. “Where are we going?” “To my house,” he answered, pointing up to the amazing house on the cliff. The dark, angular house suited him perfectly. “You can’t carry me up this incline. I’m too heavy,” I protested. His pace didn’t slow as he answered me only with a quick sigh. Rather than fight with him, I watched the big dog loping along behind us as we made our ascent. He wasn’t even breathing hard when we reached the front porch. I looked at the glider and matching rocking chairs and imagined what a fantastic place this would be to spend an afternoon reading and watching the lake. He pushed the unlocked front door open and carried me inside and up a set of stairs. “Um, you can set me down now.” He ignored me and continued on to a huge bathroom. He used a foot to flick the lid closed and plopped me down on the toilet. “I don’t really have to go right now,” I told him as he continued ignoring me and started the tap on the biggest sunken garden tub I had ever seen. He went to a cabinet and retrieved a giant bottle of bubble bath and a couple of fluffy, light blue towels. I enjoyed watching him move. He was sleek and graceful, and I wondered what he was up to. He took one of the towels and placed it at the back of the tub for a headrest. Then he went back to the tap to test the stream of water and adjusted the temperature before dumping a generous dollop of bubbles into the water. He used a long, tan hand to swirl the concoction around. The scent of the bubble bath was heavenly. Once he was satisfied, he turned and caught me staring. I looked away quickly and saw that the dog was sitting nearby watching his every move, as well. “Do you need help getting undressed and into the tub?” he asked me.