Taking Chances Page-83

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 22 Sam. My body was having its usual reaction to his nearness, but I had chalked it up to fear. My breath had quickened noticeably, so I attempted to slow it. “What the hell are you thinking?” The level of anger in his voice shocked me, and I reared back as if I’d been slapped. What right did he have to be mad at me? “I’m thinking that I’m cold, wet, and injured; and the last person I want to see right now is you,” I snapped. It was probably a little harsh, but his unjust irritation with me had set me off. “Well then, I guess I’ll leave you alone.” He turned to make his way back along the boulder path to the shore. The giant, black dog gave me a bewildered tilt of its head before turning to follow its master. He’s bluffing. I told myself as Sam continued to walk away. He wouldn’t really leave me stranded out here, would he? I began to think he might do just that when he reached the beach and continued on without so much as a backward glance at me. I was stubborn and pissed off, but I wasn’t stupid. I didn’t want to take my chances out here alone and Sam was quickly moving out of earshot. I cupped my hands and yelled, “Wait!” in his direction. He stopped, but didn’t turn. “May I use your phone to call for help?” He shook his head as if trying to talk himself out of something, and I began to wonder if he really was going to leave me out here. The rain had begun coming down in sheets, and I was already soaked to the bone. Finally, he turned and walked back down the boulder path to me. The black dog followed a couple of paces behind him. When he reached me, he just stood there looking down at me. I reached my hand up and said simply, “Phone, please?”