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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I don’t know how long I walked, but I made it to a section of the sandy beach that I was not familiar with. When I noticed the long trail of boulders leading out into the lake, I couldn’t resist exploring it. The wet stones were slippery, so I made my way carefully. The rock path jutted way out into the water. When I reached the end, I turned to look at the beach. With the water splashing up over the rocks, it almost felt as if I were standing out in the middle of the lake. I turned a slow circle, admiring the view from all angles. That’s when I saw the house on the cliff. It blended so well with the scenery that I hadn’t noticed it before. I craned my neck to get a better view of the beautiful, gravity-defying stone and slate structure that seemed to be impossibly placed, hanging out over the water. It was an amazing house and I wondered briefly if the owners would mind if I took a closer look. I didn’t see any lights, but it was so secluded that I was apprehensive about approaching. Just then, a big wave crashed over the boulder I was standing on and knocked me sideways. As I fell, my ankle twisted painfully. I went completely under in the frigid water and surfaced spluttering, cold, mad, and with a searing pain in my ankle. I managed to climb back up onto the slick rock and lay down. When I looked at the sky, I realized why the waves were kicking up. A huge storm was rolling in. “Great,” I muttered as I tried to stand up. I wasn’t able to put any weight on my injured ankle, so I tried hopping on one leg. I realized the rocks were too slippery for that when I almost slid in again. I sat down and reached for my cell phone. It was waterlogged and completely dead. Guess I should have sprang for the expensive, waterproof case, I chastised myself. I looked around, considering my options. Realizing there weren’t many, I started scooting on my butt towards the shore. After what seemed like an