Taking Chances Page-79

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 21 When we finished off our margarita pitcher, I told Court I wanted to walk along the water for a while, rather than ride home with her. She looked concerned that I was going to slip back into depression mode, so I reassured her with a hug. “I just want some alone time, so I can work up the nerve to call him to get some much-needed closure.” She still looked skeptical, so I added, “I’m okay. I promise.” I must have seemed sincere because she hugged me, whispered the words “Love you,” and jogged off to hop into her beat-up, little car. I moseyed along the beach until I found a good rock to sit on. I stared at my phone for a long while and finally decided that I just needed to get it over with. Without knowing exactly what I was going to say, I pushed the button to dial Seth before I could chicken out. It rang several times before his voicemail picked up. He’s probably screening his calls, and I didn’t make the cut. After the beep, I almost hung up, but I knew that I needed to get this out. “Hi Seth, it’s me. Um, Abby,” I stammered. This wasn’t sounding at all like I had hoped it would. I wanted to come off as confident and perturbed, so I changed my tone. “Listen,” I commanded, sounding much more forceful. “It has become obvious that you don’t want to see me anymore. You should have just told me, instead of keeping me waiting and wondering. I deserve better.” With that, I hit the End Call button without saying goodbye, let’s stay friends, or kiss my ass. Overall, it was a pretty good message. Watching the phone shake in my hand, I was grateful that my voice hadn’t betrayed my nervousness. I decided to go for a long, cleansing walk. The shoreline was beautiful in the twilight, and I took deep, long breaths of the detoxifying fresh air.