Taking Chances Page-76

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I tried to sleep more, but my stomach was rumbling. I rolled over and grabbed a couple of stale potato chips from the tray Courtney had left, then I took a few sips of water and sat up. My cell phone was sitting on the table, mocking me. Court had plugged it into the charger for me. I vowed not to get my hopes up, even as I felt my heart rate increasing when I reached for it. I cringed as I pushed the button. Nothing. I curled back up on my bed and pulled the covers over my head, seeking oblivion. When I awoke again, it was daylight, and I was starving. Life has to go on, I reasoned with myself. So, I got up, threw the duvet over my bed, picked up the tray of leftover food and went downstairs to make some breakfast and try to get over Seth Davis.