Taking Chances Page-75

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I hadn’t turned it off silent mode, so maybe I had missed something. I couldn’t keep the hope at bay, even though I knew it would be in my own best interest. I took a deep breath and pushed the button. Nothing. It was like having my heart ripped out. I knew that I should enjoy my day off, but I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I climbed up on my bed and went back to sleep. Courtney’s knock aroused me from a deep sleep. She entered my room with a tray of food. I rolled away from her and tried to re-enter the sweet oblivion of sleep. “You need to try to eat something.” Her voice was filled with concern, but I steadfastly ignored her, and she left me alone. I slept and slept until I had no concept of what time it was. The next time Courtney knocked on the door, she came in and sat on the edge of my bed. She saw the untouched tray of food and chastised me. “Ab, you didn’t eat any of this.” I didn’t respond, so she tried a different tact. “Time to get up. You need to get ready for work.” “I’m off,” I grumbled at her. “I talked to Annie and she told me she gave you yesterday off,” she responded. “Today is Saturday, and it is time to rise and shine.” I was shocked that I had slept through an entire day, but I didn’t have any desire to get up. “Call Annie and tell her I’m not coming in today.” “You never call in sick.” Her eyes were filled with concern. I didn’t want her or Annie to worry, so I said, “I just need some more time, Court. Tomorrow is Sunday, and the shop is closed. I’ll be back to my mean-old self by Monday, I promise.” I made an effort to smile at her, but ended up just wincing. I hoped that I would be able keep my promise to her, but it didn’t feel possible. After she left, I went back to sleep. It was the only place where the weight of sadness didn’t feel like it was crushing the breath out of me. Even my dreams were troubled though, and I awoke in the dark, covered in sweat.