Taking Chances Page-73

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 19 I was at work. It was Thursday, and I hadn’t heard from Seth since letting the dreaded three-word salute fly on Sunday. I checked my cell phone again. Nothing. I had started to text him more times than I could count. I had pulled him up in my contacts to call him numerous times, as well. Each time I chickened out, wondering why he hadn’t contacted me. I pulled my phone out again, and then I put it back in my pocket with a sigh. “Oh for Peter’s sake,” Annie shook her head, “just text him.” I had been around Annie so much that I barely noticed anymore how she butchered idioms. She looked like she was completely exasperated with me. “Give me the phone,” she glowered, holding out her hand. I tried ignoring her, but she shook her hand, indicating she meant business. I tentatively moved it towards her. She snatched it up and quickly typed a message. “There, let the chocolate chips fall where they may,” she said handing the phone back to me. I looked at the words she had texted to Seth from my phone. ‘I’m off tomorrow. Want to go on a picnic?’ “I’m not off tomorrow, Annie.” “You are now. I’m sick of looking at your gloomy mug of root beer.” I tilted my head at that one, but she continued on. “Get out of here and go fix yourself up. You look like a ragamuffin. Relax in a nice, warm bath, or take a yoga class or something.” She placed a hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me toward the door, accentuating her point. From anyone else, her brutal honesty might have hurt my feelings, but I knew Annie loved me unconditionally and had my best interest at heart. So, I followed her not-so-gentle nudge and waved behind my head as she yelled after me, “Don’t worry. He will call, or he’ll have me to deal with.”