Taking Chances Page-71

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 18 “How could I have said something so stupid?” I asked, plunking my head down on the table for the umpteenth time. “Telling someone that you love them isn’t stupid.” Courtney defended me, as she always did. “It sure feels that way. What if I scared him off? What if he doesn’t want to see me again?” I moaned as I checked my phone again, sighing at its blank face staring back at me, mocking me. “If those three little words scared him off, then he doesn’t deserve you, anyway.” At my sad look, Courtney grabbed my hand and continued. “Stop worrying. He’ll call. You just took him by surprise. That’s all.” Joe stopped by the table with our tacos, and I suddenly wondered why he always waited on us, rather than having one of the waitresses serve our table. Maybe there was something to this Courtney and Joe idea that Seth had suggested. I decided that thinking about the possibility of the two of them hooking up would help keep my mind off Seth for a while, so I dipped my toe in the water. “Joe looks especially hot tonight.” I waggled my eyebrows playfully at her. He did look rather handsome, with his unkempt, surfer-dude look. Court responded to my prompt with a non-committal “Mmmhmm.” So I pushed on. “He has his own business, he’s kind, he’s smart, he’s funny, and he’s crazy about you, Court. A girl could do a lot worse.” “Did he ask you to talk to me?” Her face crumpled as she said it. “I told him to let it go.” As she slid out of the booth, she added, “It will never work out, so just drop it. I need a tissue. I’ll be right back.”