Taking Chances Page-70

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I left my hand between us, touching us both as he pumped over me. My other hand reached around to grab his ass, pulling him into me harder. I cried out as I came. Pleasure pulsed through me. As I squeezed, Seth buried his head into my shoulder. His thrusts quickened until he released with a loud groan. We stayed that way for a while. Seth was still inside me as I rubbed a hand lightly over his back. “You’re amazing,” he said, nuzzling into my neck. I was happy. There was no other word for it. I didn’t recall ever having felt so complete, so satisfied. “I love you.” The words bubbled out before I had a chance to think through voicing them out loud. Seth stiffened, and I immediately regretted saying it. He stayed frozen for a while, but I felt him emotionally disconnect. Then he slipped out of me and said, “We should probably get going. You don’t want to be late for girls’ night.” He grabbed his clothes and went down the ladder. I had a burning lump in my throat. I felt like crying, but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop, once I started. How could I have proclaimed my love so soon? I sat there for a while, stunned, and then I slowly put on my clothes and went to find Seth. He was sitting in the Jeep waiting for me. We didn’t talk the whole way back to my house. When we arrived, he turned to me and said a brisk, “Take care.” I couldn’t even respond. I nodded and quickly exited his vehicle, focusing on not allowing the tears to start flowing. As I walked up the sidewalk to my front door, a sob escaped, but I didn’t have to worry about him hearing it because he was already backing out of my driveway.