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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

one smooth move, he slid my dress and underwear off. I stepped out of them and stood before him wearing only those ridiculous Louboutin heels that you talked me into buying. He seemed to like that view, too.” “They are fabulous shoes. I’m glad to hear you finally put them to good use. Did you wear them the whole time?” I nodded, smiling, before continuing. “I struggled to undo the snap of his jeans as he eased me back on the bed. He lifted one of my legs and rubbed my ankle as he began kissing his way up my calf. He gently rubbed his hands along the inside of my legs. Then those magical thumbs began massaging circles up to the apex of my thighs.” I stopped to take a bite. “Damn, don’t stop now!” Courtney commanded. I had already shoveled the food in, so I did a “mouth’s full” motion at her and continued chewing. At her exasperated look, I gulped the bite down and continued. “His lips and tongue followed the path that his hands had taken. I became so worked up that I was writhing and brazenly pushing myself up towards him. His head was between my legs as he used his fingers to spread me wide open. He paused for a moment to look up at me with the most gorgeous green eyes I’ve ever seen. He looked directly at me and uttered the words, ‘You’re so beautiful.’ I was panting and aching with need as he began to lower his mouth to me.” “Uh-huh,” Courtney said, urging me on when I paused. “Then the alarm went off.” “O-M-Geeee!” Courtney screeched as she pretended to bang her head on the table. “It was all a dream? You’ve gotta be kidding me. What happened on your blind date?” “The date was a dud. He spent the whole evening complaining about his exes, and then he wanted to split the check. I mean split the check down to the penny - as in, I ate more of the appetizer than he did, so should pay for more than half of it.” I rolled my eyes. “He definitely wasn’t the guy of my dreams. Or anyone else’s,” I added somewhat contrarily.