Taking Chances Page-68

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 17 It was still early afternoon when we left the party. I had a few hours before girls’ night with Courtney would begin, so I wanted to spend that time with Seth. I’d been dying to see the pole barn where he builds his boats, so I asked him to take me there. He seemed surprised, but delighted by the request. We drove there in silence, holding hands. Seth would occasionally look over and smile at me, and I would grin back at him, perfectly content. The building was even bigger than it had looked from Seth’s camper. I don’t know what I had been expecting to see, but it wasn’t what I found when we entered the huge structure. The enormous wooden boat in the center of the room was breathtaking. I stared at it in awe that Seth was able to build something so impressive. I had imagined that he made canoe-like boats, not anything as grand as this behemoth. The building was pristine, with a freshly swept floor and each tool in its spot. It was clear from looking around that Seth took great care and pride in his work, and he had every reason to. “This is amazing!” I exclaimed, walking around the stern. “I had no idea.” He looked truly happy at my compliment. “Did you think I spent my time making makeshift skiffs?” “No, but I had no idea how grand your boats are. May I?” I asked, indicating the ladder that led up to the hull. “Of course, but she’s not finished,” he replied. I had already kicked off my jeweled sandals and scrambled up, so he followed me. I smoothed my hand along the glossy side of the vessel. “People must be lined up wanting to purchase one of your boats.”