Taking Chances Page-64

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 16 The brunch was going well after our hysterics calmed down from Jenni’s scandalous and outlandish comment. She and Sam were seated at the far end of the table from Seth and me, so I pointedly ignored them. I was a firm believer that women need to stick together, but this chick had seriously crossed the line. The conversation became boisterous as Seth and Sam got into a competition of one-upmanship. For each story that Seth told, Sam told one that was a little bigger and better. They both looked so handsome as they tried to top each other with their tall tales. We all laughed as the tone of the game switched and they started telling stories on each other. We heard about the time in high school when Sam yanked down Seth’s shorts and shoved him in the girls’ locker room. “Joke was on you,” Seth taunted him, “because seeing me naked is just like seeing you naked.” I shifted in my chair, trying not to think about that. “It must not be exactly the same, or I wouldn’t bag all of the hottest babes,” Sam quipped, making Jenni preen. His mother inhaled a sharp breath, shocked by his words. “With the exception of one, apparently.” He turned and looked directly at me. I could feel my cheeks burning red as the whole group turned their eyes towards me. Seth narrowed his eyes, clearly not liking where his brother had taken things. “No matter what you win, you’ll never be older.” “You always make sure it comes back to that, don’t you?” Sam sat back in his chair looking annoyed that Seth had brought up their miniscule age difference. “Boys.” Their father’s deep voice made the simple word a warning. Seth lightened the mood by saying, “No, what it comes back to is that you saved my life, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.” He held up his glass and said sincerely, “Here’s to Sam, my hero.”