Taking Chances Page-63

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

“Soon, Baby.” He soothed her with a kiss on the cheek then introduced us to Jenni. I tried to ignore the twinge of jealousy in my gut by telling myself silently that I was just envious of her astounding good looks. Jessie rejoined us, indicating that Grandpa had taken Katie for a walk down to the pier. She greeted Jenni with an obvious lack of enthusiasm, and I was surprised by her near-rudeness. The surprise wore off when Jenni spoke next. She turned to Seth and told him that he was just as handsome as ‘her Sam.’ He smiled politely, but didn’t respond. Unfazed, she continued. “I’ve never been with twins before, but I have enough holes to entertain you both. You would never forget the experience.” I was completely astounded. I had never heard anyone say anything so outrageous, especially to someone she had just met. I was also a little hurt that she would say this right in front of me, as if I didn’t even exist. I did feel invisible next to her radiant beauty, but there was no reason for her to openly come on to Seth with me standing right there. The three siblings all looked as taken aback by the brash statement as I felt. Jenni giggled, then added, “Another time, then. Come on, Babe,” she said to Sam. “Let’s go crack the whip on this incompetent wait staff.” “That will be the end of her.” Jessie shook her head after they walked away. “Did you see the look on Sam’s face? I’m surprised he didn’t ask her to leave right then.” Seth said, “I can’t escape the mental image of being with her while my brother fills another of her holes.” He gave an exaggerated shiver of disgust. It was just the comic relief we needed, and the three of us started laughing uncontrollably.