Taking Chances Page-62

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

nearby. “I’ll go rescue Seth from kid patrol, so he can spend some time with you,” Jessie said to me as she left for the playset. Sam turned and my skin heated as his eyes bored into me. With every pore, I could feel how close he was. “Alone at last.” He grinned and raised his eyebrows at me. “Did you tell Seth about us yet?” “I didn’t feel it was important enough to mention,” I lied. “Or too important to mention,” he guessed correctly. He was so cocky and infuriating. I willed my body not to react to him, even as I could feel my barely-covered nipples puckering as if they were reaching out to him. His eyes travelled slowly down to my breasts and lingered there. I prayed that my erect nipples weren’t visible through the top of my dress. Seth walked up to us, saving me from Sam’s intense gaze. He casually put his arm around me, completely unaware of the tension vibrating between his brother and me. “Hi, Gorgeous,” he said giving me a quick peck on the cheek. I smiled at Seth, glad for the distraction from Sam. All three of us had our attention diverted when the long-legged beauty arose from her sunbathing chair. I couldn’t blame the boys for gawking because I couldn’t look away either as she stretched her gorgeous, lean body. She was a vision with her long, golden hair; perfect, pouty lips; and lovely, tan legs peeking out of her barely-there sarong. Her voluptuous, perky breasts were covered by the tiniest red triangles that I had ever seen claim to be a bikini top. As she walked towards us, all three of us were openly staring. She must have been used to such attention because she didn’t seem to notice as she placed an arm possessively on Sam and whined, “When will the servants bring the food? I’m starving.” I cringed inwardly at her condescending choice of the word ‘servants.’