Taking Chances Page-60

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

me by saying he had wanted to leave early, due to a headache. Thankfully, she seemed to buy that. Janice told me to make myself at home and glided off to check on the caterers. I shook my head, pondering the idea that anyone had caterers for a weekly family brunch. It was beginning to feel like I had somehow stumbled my way into the Kennedy compound, yet they all seemed so down-to-earth and likable, with one glaring exception. Sam was making his way towards us when a little girl came running to him at full speed. “Kit Kat!” he said as he picked her up to twirl her around, both of them beaming. That’s kind of likable, I admitted, grumbling silently to myself. Jessie walked up the path, carrying a Barbie backpack. “Abby, I’m so glad you’re here,” she said, smiling kindly. Then she leaned in to whisper, “It will give me a break from having to attempt to make small talk with the latest ‘I’ girl.” She snickered, nodding her head to the left. I followed her eyes and saw the longest, tannest, most perfect pair of legs I’d ever seen sticking out from a lounge chair by the pool. I couldn’t see the rest of her from my angle, but could only assume that these gorgeous legs belonged to Sam’s date. I don’t know why my stomach did a little flip-flop at that idea. Sam set the little girl down and she quickly ran over to greet Seth. He kneeled down to her level and said, “How’s my little Katiedid today?” I watched her tell him about her many adventures since she had last seen him. She talked animatedly, and he seemed to hang on every word. The little girl had huge blue eyes and long blonde hair. She didn’t look like her dark-haired mother and uncles, but she had inherited their striking beauty. Suddenly, she took notice of me. “Who’s that?” she demanded. Jessie jumped in to answer. “Katie, this is Uncle Seth’s date, Abby.” Katie squinted her eyes, looking me over, then gave a ‘humph’ and asked Seth to push her on the swing. He gave my hand a squeeze before