Taking Chances Page-59

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 15 Even though I had figured out that Seth’s family was wealthy, I was not prepared for the estate that we pulled into. The stone mansion was massive and gorgeous, with clean lines and a classic look. The house paled in comparison to the grounds, though. The perfectly manicured yard had the feel of an English garden with an abundance of comfortable sitting areas, bright flowers, and quirky fountains. I laughed in surprise as we walked down the brick path to the backyard and a charming, winking baby elephant statue sprayed a mist of water on us. Seth shook his head, “My mother enjoys searching for the most whimsical oddities.” “We should introduce her to my boss, Annie,” I answered. “She’s the most whimsical person I’ve ever met. They would probably get along famously.” It seemed like Seth was about to disagree with that when he opened the gate to the backyard, which caused me to completely forget about our conversation. It was the most breathtaking setup I had ever seen. From the amazing view of the lake and marina, to the full outdoor kitchen and infinity pool, this was a backyard that was meant to be in magazines. My eyes drank it all in, and then I felt him. He had just stepped out of the sliding glass door at the back of the house. I didn’t have to look to know. The hair on my arms was standing up and my body felt tingly. I swept my gaze quickly past him, just to confirm what I already knew. Sam was standing there, looking amazingly gorgeous, just like his brother. He lifted his glass in greeting, and Seth nodded at him. Seth’s mother walked over to welcome us. Janice was classy and lovely, and I felt like a frump standing next to her. She tsk’d me for stealing Seth away from the charity auction before dinner had even been served, and I started stammering my way through an explanation. Seth gallantly saved