Taking Chances Page-57

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

It was white with a flared skirt, which was covered with brightly colored flowers. The low cut bodice was a deep purple and it had a large, bright pink belt. It was perfect for my brunch, but so not Courtney. “It’s beautiful!” I said honestly, smiling and trying not to laugh at my mental picture of Courtney wearing this ensemble. “It’s just not exactly your style.” I tried to be tactful. “I went through a phase,” she rolled her eyes, “but I’ve never actually worn it.” She dove back into her closet and this time came out with a pair of strappy sandals with jewels that matched the flowers on the dress. I shook my head at her. “Perfect. Thank you. I’m so glad I gave you the room with the big closet,” I said, giving her a quick hug. Then I grabbed my goodies and ran to my bathroom to shower. Forty-five minutes later I came downstairs looking like someone who brunches. My hair was in a cute topknot and I had even put on makeup. I had the pink lips and cheeks to prove it. The dress and shoes really were perfect, except for one tiny problem. Well, not so tiny. Courtney’s chest was nowhere near the size of mine. I had managed to squeeze my upper half into the dress, but all of the extra flesh had to go somewhere, and it had chosen to billow up and out. I had fidgeted with my boobs for five of the forty-five minutes, and then tried to convince myself that no one would notice. “Whoa, your cup runneth over.” Courtney grinned. I whirled around and started to head back up the stairs, humiliated. My clothes weren’t nearly as cute as Court’s, but at least my tits stayed in them. “Wait! You look fantastic. I’m just jealous. He’s not going to be able to pry his eyes away from you or your fantastic jugs.” I turned. “Are you sure it’s not too much?” I asked, grabbing them. “It’s just right,” she reassured me. “Now let’s go sit on the front porch swing because I want a front row seat when he sees them. I mean you,”