Taking Chances Page-54

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

now.” I smiled at her. “You know a one-week dry spell isn’t really that bad.” I decided this might be a good time to delicately bring up the Joe idea to gauge her reaction. “If it really bothers you, though, maybe you should look for a longer term relationship where you get well-fucked by the same guy on a regular basis.” “I can’t seem to find a man that I can put up with for any length of time. Besides,” she added, “spend too long with one person, and it quickly transforms into getting boring-fucked. I’m not interested in the same old, same old for the rest of my days.” I decided to jump in with both feet. “Yes, but if you’re with someone you really care about, that can keep the spark alive. For instance, what if you were with someone like Joe?” I watched her reaction closely and was surprised to see her eyes soften, even though her words contradicted them. “Joe?!? He’s my boss. That would be totally inappropriate. Besides, he would never be interested in someone like me.” “Since when do you care about inappropriate? And what do you mean someone like you? Someone who is kind, loving, generous, gorgeous, funny, smart and sweet? Yeah, why would he be interested in someone like that?” I rolled my eyes to emphasize the sarcasm of my last comment. “You’re biased because you love me.” She shoved my arm playfully, but then turned serious. “Joe deserves to be with someone better than me. Someone who is pure, good, and solid.” She paused to look at me. “Someone like you. I’m white trash from the wrong side of the tracks, and I have the physical and emotional scars to prove it.” “Sweetie, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. I hate that you have this warped view of yourself. You are the most amazing person I know.” We both had teary eyes, so I grabbed the tissue box from her bedside table and sat it between us. “Joe sees it.” I nodded in confirmation, at her questioning look.