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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 12 When I showed him the kitchen, he grabbed a half-empty package of Nutter Butters. “I’m starving,” he admitted. “We snuck out of the auction before they served the rubber chicken.” I had seen the menu and knew it entailed filet mignon and other fancy￾schmancy cuisine, but was happier to be sharing stale cookies with Seth. As I poured us each a glass of milk, I decided that this was a great time to ask about his family. “So, Seth Davis, are you a part of the Davis family who put on that fabulous shin dig tonight?” He seemed almost embarrassed, but he nodded and answered. “Yes, it’s my mom’s pet project. My grandmother died of breast cancer when I was young, and my grandfather lost his battle with throat cancer a few years ago.” He sighed, but continued. “It really took a toll on Mom. She became depressed - to the point that we were concerned that we were going to lose her, too. Then, one day, she decided to fight back. She came downstairs to breakfast dressed and enthused about stamping out cancer. She started planning the first fundraiser that morning. It was a huge success. Since then, she makes sure it gets bigger and better every year.” It was the most he’d shared with me about his family, and I was impressed by his mother’s perseverance. “What a way to turn things around. Your mother must be quite a lady.” He smiled with pride. “She is. My whole family is amazing. You met Jessie and Sam. They are the best siblings anyone could ask for, and Jessie’s little girl, Katie, is the light of my life. I call her Katiedid. I can’t wait for you to meet her.” Thoughts were flying through my head as he spoke. I was surprised to learn that Jessie was a single parent. The way Seth spoke of his niece made me fall for him even more. I was touched that he wanted me to meet her and thrilled by the confirmation that he assumed we would keep seeing each other. I noticed that he didn’t mention his father. That seemed a little odd, but I was even more curious about Sam. I thought this might