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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 1 “The kiss started softly then slowly built in intensity. His lips were smooth, and his tongue gently grazed mine. I untucked his shirt and eased my hands up his back to his strong, smooth shoulders.” I paused to refill our margarita glasses from the pitcher and chuckled at my best friend, Courtney. Her big, blue eyes were wide open and she was leaning so far forward that I feared she might topple over. She was normally the one with the sexy stories, so I was enjoying having one of my own, for once. We were seated at our usual table for our Sunday night ritual – tacos and margaritas at Joe’s Bar & Grill. Joe’s was an island-themed restaurant that reminded me of the thatch-roofed eatery where my parents used to take me when we went on our annual trek to the Florida Keys. Even though Joe’s was located in Harbor Shores, Michigan - about as far from the tropics as could be - it was usually teeming with patrons, both locals and tourists. Joe let us have the best seats in the house with a fantastic view of the lake, even though we were given “family pricing.” Courtney had been a waitress at the restaurant for over two years, but Joe knew never to schedule her to work on a Sunday night. Our girls’ nights were sacred. Courtney grabbed the pitcher from my hand and quickly sloshed more of the frozen concoction into our glasses. “Go on,” she demanded. “My fingers were shaking as I unbuttoned his shirt.” Only Courtney knew of my insecurities in the bedroom and the reasoning behind them. She nodded, encouraging me to continue with my play-by-play. “I refused to give in to my fears. So, I ran my hands along his flat abs and over his chest as I removed his shirt and tossed it to the floor. As I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear, he undid the buttons at my shoulder and