Taking Chances Page-49

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

“I need you inside me now,” I pleaded as I worked to loosen his tuxedo pants. I freed him and wrapped both hands loosely around his thick cock, enjoying the velvety smoothness as I stroked up and down the length of him. He whirled us around, lifting my dress and yanking my lacy thong down. I stepped out of the panties and leaned my back into the door as he lifted me over him. My hand guided him to my opening. I was so slick with desire that he slid right in. I tilted my head back and wrapped my legs around him as he kissed my neck and started circling his hips. He held me against the front door with one arm as his other hand reached down to rub over me. I was strung so tight that a few quick brushes of his thumb over my clit had me convulsing around him. I cried out as I came hard, wrapping my arms around his neck and ramming my body onto his dick with every fiber of my being. His orgasm was powerful, and he yelled my name as his body tightened and he spilled into me. We stood there like that for several seconds, breathing hard. Once my brain started to operate properly, I marveled at how strong he must be to have held me like that. I wasn’t a large woman, but I certainly wasn’t a waif. I preferred the word curvy, and he had held me with one arm and a very large penis. Impressive. After he lowered my feet back to the floor, I did a hand motion indicating the rest of the house, beyond the entryway and said, “So, this is my place.” “I love it so far,” he replied, and we both chuckled as we straightened our clothes.