Taking Chances Page-47

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

wrapped his arms around my shoulders. “I’ll let you two be, since you’ve barely seen each other all evening.” With that, she hopped off her stool and disappeared into the crowd. “I’m almost afraid to ask what you two were talking about.” Seth slid around and plopped down on the stool Jessie had just vacated. “You, as a matter of fact,” I answered. “Your sister seems to think rather highly of you.” “Maybe I shouldn’t have interrupted then, but I feel like my siblings have had more of you tonight than I have.” I attempted to push the unwanted thought of Sam having a whole lot of me in the bathroom out of my mind. “Is it my turn to get to hang out with you?” Seth asked, batting his dark eyelashes playfully. “Absolutely,” I answered. “Can we get out of here or do your family duties require you to stay longer?” Before I finished the question, he had already downed the last of his drink and was standing up. “Let’s go. I’ve been wanting to rip that little black dress off you all night.” “Deal.” I stood, taking his hand. As we exited, I tried to ignore the electrifying chill that went up my spine. I knew, without a doubt, that Sam was watching me leave with his brother.