Taking Chances Page-46

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

hearts.” By the way her words were slurring together, I could tell the glass of wine she ordered wasn’t her first of the evening. “I think that’s why Sam settles for the never-ending stream of gold-digging ‘I’ girls,” she continued. “What’s an ‘I’ girl?” I asked her. “Oh, you know,” she waved her hand around. “Candi with an I, Terri with an I, Sandi with an I, Cami with an I. The parade of leggy blondes with enormous jugs that he shows up with always introduce themselves that way.” She mimicked shaking a hand and began fluttering her eyelashes. “Hi, I’m Bambi with an I.” She started cracking up at her own joke. Her laughter was contagious, and I soon had the giggles as well. I was enjoying being with her and laughing at her despicable brother. “You know what else,” she went on, leaning in further. “He doesn’t ever kiss them on the lips. They all think they are going to win him over and marry him and take his fortune, but he gets tired of them after a few dates and sends them along their merry way. Then POOF,” she snapped her fingers for added affect, “he finds another one just like the last 412.” I had the feeling she wouldn’t be telling me all of this if she wasn’t tipsy. I wondered why Sam treated women like they were disposable. Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about figuring him out because I had Seth, and he was wonderful. I decided to see what Jessie had to say about him. “So tell me about your sweet brother.” I nudged her elbow gently. “They are both sweet to me,” she replied. “But since I know you’re talking about Seth, he’s one of the good ones, Abby. Please don’t hurt him.” Her sudden rush of sincerity surprised me. “I won’t,” I reassured her, and I meant it. “Speak of the devil.” Jessie smiled at Seth as he came up behind me and