Taking Chances Page-44

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

gets his goat,” he chuckled. It was clear by Seth’s expression how much he loved his twin. My eyes were drawn involuntarily to Sam. He wasn’t looking at me, but something inside me felt like he recently had been. I didn’t know how to tell Seth what had happened, but I knew I needed to. The words just wouldn’t form in my head. It had been an honest mistake. I knew he wouldn’t be angry, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. Maybe we will laugh about it someday. My mind was hopeful, probably a little too hopeful. Seth asked me to dance and whisked me onto the dance floor. I spent the next few songs with my head against his broad shoulder, relishing the feeling of being enveloped in his strong arms. I felt that he was near before I heard or saw him. “May I cut in?” Sam’s voice was deep and clear, and so similar to Seth’s. Seeing the two of them standing together like reflections in their dashing tuxedos nearly took my breath away. They were perfection. Seth gave a mock bow and walked away, unaware of the tension radiating from me. Sam’s eyes slowly perused me from head to toe, and then back up again. My body burned under his gaze. I could feel my nipples puckering under my dress when his eyes paused at my breasts and his mouth turned up slightly, knowingly. When he finally made it back up to my eyes, he held open his arms in invitation as he lifted his brows and said, “Shall we?” I didn’t want to be in his arms again, but I couldn’t cause a scene. His eyes twinkled as he sensed my reluctance. That bastard is enjoying making me uncomfortable, my mind screamed as I vowed not to let him see how much he affected me. I stiffened myself into a formal dance pose as he expertly guided me around the dance floor. My body was acutely aware of the places where he touched me. The nerve endings in my hand, lower back, and waist were all teeming with activity. I consciously slowed my breathing because it had become quick and shallow. I attempted to keep my face a passive mask as the rest of my body betrayed me. My eyes scanned the room,