Taking Chances Page-43

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

recognized the family resemblance immediately. “Abby, this is my sister Jessie. Jess, meet Abby.” “Abby! Seth has told me all about you. It’s great to meet you.” Jessie extended her hand and flashed a dazzling smile directly at me. She seemed friendly and kind, and I liked her immediately. “You’ll have to tell me what he said.” I smiled trying to hide the rush of excitement I felt at finding out he had mentioned me to his sister. “And I have tons of questions for you about what he was like growing up.” “I have plenty of answers.” She gave Seth an ornery grin before adding, “I know all of his secrets.” Then she finger waved at me and said to track her down later. After she fluttered off, I turned on Seth. “Told your sister all about me, huh?” “She has a huge mouth. I’ll get even with her one of these days,” he added in my ear as he kissed my cheek. “Sorry I was late. Did my family take good care of you?” I coughed, thinking of how Sam had almost taken care of me. I wasn’t sure how to bring that particular topic up with Seth. I finally settled for, “I met your brother because I thought he was you. You didn’t feel the need to mention that he is your identical twin?” “Didn’t I mention it?” He seemed truly surprised. “No, I’m positive I would have remembered that.” I tried to figure out how to continue. How does one tell her lover that she almost banged his twin in the bathroom? It wasn’t a problem that I had encountered before, so I wasn’t at all sure how to broach the subject. “You really do look exactly alike,” I hedged. He smiled as he answered. “We are identical on the outside, except for a scar that Sam has on his shoulder. We’re very different on the inside, though,” he added. “Oh, and I’m older by a few minutes, which really