Taking Chances Page-42

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 10 Identical twin? My mind reeled. How could Seth have failed to mention that? And what had I just done? Thank goodness it hadn’t gone any farther, but I would never be able to face Sam again. And what about him? I wondered disdainfully. Was he just going to screw a stranger in the bathroom? Well, he is a guy, my mind retorted. And I was totally coming on to him out there. It’s not like a man to turn down easy sex. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My boobs were hanging out and my dress was askew. I quickly went over and snapped the lock into place before someone walked in on me in this state of complete disarray. I splashed cool water on my face and patted my chest with a damp paper towel in an attempt to calm down. Never in my whole life had I been that excited, or this humiliated. What a difference a few seconds can make. As I attempted to fix my appearance, I thought about Sam. He really was identical to Seth physically, but he was darker, more dangerous. The bathroom had felt electrified when he was near me. I touched up my lipstick and vowed to steer clear of him. He’s exactly what I don’t need, I thought as I breezed out the door. I was, however, prepared to give Seth an earful for not warning me about him. Returning to the great room-turned fairy forest, my eyes were immediately drawn to Sam. He was standing near the stage with a bevy of lovely ladies hanging on his every word, including a life-sized Barbie doll who had her arm possessively curved around him. I shook my head, immensely grateful that our fooling around in the bathroom had stopped when it had. “There she is.” Seth approached me, smiling. He had a dark-haired beauty with him. The woman’s enormous green eyes were accentuated by the longest, thickest, black eyelashes I had ever seen, outside of a magazine. She was stunning in her floor-length midnight blue gown, and I