Taking Chances Page-40

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

thought that I could cause this kind of reaction in him. I turned in my chair, crossing my legs so that a tiny bit of the garter peeked out. I toyed with it absently. When I chanced a look at him again, the gentleman who had been talking to him had given up on getting his attention and left. Seth was leaning against the bar, alone, watching every move my fingers made on the garter. I glanced around the room, wondering if anyone else was watching the show. No one appeared to even notice, except for Seth who was totally engrossed in my every move. I inched my dress higher, exposing more of my thigh, as I continued rubbing. A handsome, older gentleman walked up to Seth and said something in his ear. Seth nodded, gave me a quick wink and followed the man. As they walked off together, I looked at their shoulders and the way they each moved and decided that the man was likely Seth’s father. Since Seth was evidently busy for a few minutes, I excused myself from the table and left the ballroom to find a powder room. Once inside, I locked the door and checked my appearance in the mirror. My cheeks were flushed pink from being so turned on. I was normally my worst critic, but looking at my reflection, I had to admit, I looked sexy. Just then, a quick knock on the door startled me. “Just a minute,” I called. “It’s me. Let me in.” His voice was deep and sexy. I twisted the doorknob to unlock it, and he came in. The air between us tingled with electricity as he clicked the lock back into place. Then he lunged for me. I watched him in the mirror as he stood behind me, kissing my neck and bare shoulder. His thick penis was hot and hard, pushing into my back. I reached behind us and grabbed his ass, pulling him into me, not wanting any space between us. “I’ve wanted to get my hands and mouth on these tits all night,” he growled into my ear as he lowered the zipper on the back of my dress.