Taking Chances Page-39

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I wanted him then and there, but I forced myself to look away. This was neither the time, nor the place for ripping his clothes off, but I vowed to get him naked soon - very soon. I felt him watching me as I found a seat at a table that had a direct view of where he was standing near the bar. I grinned as I decided that it was time to torture him a little and make him want me as much as I wanted him. Knowing that my cleavage looked fantastic in this dress, I deliberately dropped my black clutch near the chair I had chosen. Then I slowly bent to retrieve it, giving him a full, long view of my dangling breasts nearly bursting out of my dress. I had the satisfaction of seeing his mouth fall open as I raised back up, eyes riveted on his, to let him know the peep show was exclusively for him. When the waiter came by, I ordered a Pepsi, not wanting any alcohol to be numbing my body when Seth was inside me later. Feeling him watching me, along with the unfamiliar sensation of the thong pressing against me intimately, had me wet with anticipation. I attempted to make small talk with the guests at my table, but all I could think about was Seth and how much I wanted him. His eyes were like a magnet for mine, and every time I glanced at him, he was openly looking at me. He looked at me as if I was the only woman in the room, and it made me feel sexy and completely hot for him. I turned to thank the waiter when he brought my Pepsi. That is when I saw the sign at the auctioneer’s podium that read, The Davis Family’s Free the World of Cancer Gala. I briefly wondered if Seth Davis was part of the Davis family who was sponsoring this amazing party. He certainly didn’t seem like he came from that kind of money. When I returned my attention to him, I found that his eyes were still riveted on me. There were plenty of beautiful women here tonight, so the way he was focused completely on me sent a thrill down my spine. Looking at him, I picked up my glass and used my tongue to slowly swirl the straw. His fingers tightened around his glass and his whole body tensed as if he had just sucked in air as he watched me. I relished the