Taking Chances Page-38

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 9 We decided on an elegant, black, form-fitting cocktail dress. When paired with the super-high, shiny, black stilettos that Court had loaned me, the look was classic and stunning. I just hoped I didn’t fall down, especially considering what I was wearing underneath my ensemble. The thigh-highs, garter and racy thong were not my traditional type of undergarments. It made me feel sexy, though, to know how scantily I was clad underneath my demure outfit. I shivered in anticipation as I imagined how Seth’s eyes would sparkle when he discovered my naughty secret. As I climbed the steps to the museum, I wished again that Seth had picked me up instead of asking me to meet him here. I had waited until fifteen minutes after the event started, hoping that there would be plenty of people here, so I could slip in unnoticed. I despised walking into parties by myself. The great room of the museum had been transformed into a sparkling fairy forest and the effect was magical. Six-foot tall mushrooms painted red with white polka dots were scattered around, giant colorful butterflies dangled from the ceiling and the entire room had an overhang of moss that draped between enormous trees that towered over everything. There were what appeared to be a million twinkle lights glimmering from all angles. I gasped as I took in the amazing transformation of the room. Then I felt him more than saw him. My eyes were drawn to him. Seth was standing by the bar, looking dashing in a black tuxedo. The gentleman he was with was talking animatedly, but Seth wasn’t paying any attention. He was completely focused on me. His eyes bored into me as they slowly traveled down my entire body, then back up to my eyes. The hair on my arms raised as he openly perused me. My whole body tingled as his eyebrows lifted and his lips turned up slightly, indicating he liked what he saw.