Taking Chances Page-37

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

for about the fortieth time in the last hour. Still nothing. I briefly considered turning it off and back on to make sure it was working, but I decided that would just be silly. I bought a sandwich and took it to the park on my lunch break in an attempt to get my mind off it for a while. Couples strolled by hand-in￾hand and riding bikes. I smiled at them and checked my phone. I considered sending him a text. I could invite him on a date. Nothing said that a girl had to sit around and wait for a boy to contact her. I started the text numerous times, but deleted each one. In the end, I put the phone back in my purse and decided to wait it out. Thankfully, he didn’t make me wait long. My phone started ringing before I had finished my walk back to work. I panicked and almost dropped it. I hadn’t been expecting a call. I could think about a witty response to a text, but I’d be on the spot on the phone. What if I say something dumb? I had almost decided not to answer when I ordered myself to pull it together. “Hi, this is Abby,” I squeaked, my voice too high. “Hi, Gorgeous. It’s Seth.” His voice was low and sexy. “I wanted to see if you’d like to go to a charity auction with me next Saturday evening. It’s a black-tie event. I should warn you, though,” he added, “my whole family will be there.” The thought of Seth wearing a tuxedo made my mouth water. The fact that he was inviting me to an event with his family was so exciting that my knees almost buckled. “I’d love to,” I managed to get the words out. I focused my attention on the details of where and when, while my mind reeled with excitement. Then I agreed to meet him there and hung up. “Annie!” I screeched running into the store. “We need to find a fabulous dress.”