Taking Chances Page-36

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

over to my closet. “Maybe because you hate her.” Courtney started to shuffle off, but stopped and turned, eyes narrowed. “How was your all-nighter with Sumptuous Seth?” “Good,” I said quickly, trying to keep it light. She tilted her head, studying me. “You had a Big O!” she squealed. “A few,” I admitted, laughing. “It was so amazing. He is so amazing,” I gushed. “I told you there was nothing wrong with you. It was just that pencil￾dicked ex-husband that couldn’t please you.” I considered telling her about seeing Larry and learning of the floozy’s pregnancy and my latest failure, but I decided not to ruin this happy time. “Look at you, glowing,” Courtney teased me. “Orgasm-ing agrees with you.” “I think orgasm-ing agrees with everyone.” I laughed as I went to my bathroom to get dressed for work. Before I made it fully inside the door of Eck, Meck & Dreck, Annie hooted from across the store, “Oh honey, he stoked your engine, didn’t he?” I looked around to make sure we didn’t have any customers before answering her. “I have no idea what that means, but yeah, he sure did!” Then I asked, “Am I wearing a sign or something? How does everyone know?” “No sign,” Annie answered, breezing by and patting my cheek. “It’s your aura. It’s absolutely radiant.” I didn’t know about this aura business, but I felt flippin’ fantastic. Checking my phone had become like an incessant tic, though. I checked it