Taking Chances Page-33

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

early morning light. I was normally one to hide my nakedness in the dark, but Seth made me feel safe and sexy. He ran his hands down my bare back and cupped my bottom. My head fell back as he kissed my neck. I rose up on my knees and arched my back to allow his mouth full access to my breast. When he bit lightly on my nipple, pleasure shot through me and I let out a whimper of delight. His hands, still cupping my rear, began to move forward. He slid his fingers along the slick surface at the front of me. I was panting with need. “I want you inside me. NOW.” I worked his jeans loose and smiled when I saw that he had opted to skip underwear this morning, as well. He raised us up so I could lower his jeans. Then I eased myself onto him with a groan of satisfaction. I started riding him, circling slowly as his fingers worked their magic on me. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and let the pleasure wash over me. The chair rocked to our rhythm. I shifted the angle, took him inside me all the way to the base and enjoyed the sensation of having the head of his penis rub the most sensitive area deep inside me, while he used his fingers on my sensitive, swollen clit. When he lowered his head to take my breast into his mouth, my hips began pumping faster. I let out a cry of pleasure as my body shuddered around him, and I felt the hot burst of release from him. After a few seconds, Seth exclaimed, “Now that’s a phenomenal way to start a day!” Still breathing hard, I climbed off him to retrieve the tee shirt I had tossed. Later I would probably be surprised and slightly embarrassed by how brazen I had been, but right now, I was just satisfied and happy. “Last one in the shower is a rotten egg!” I goaded him before running up the stairs and into his trailer. I hadn’t quite anticipated how small the trailer’s shower would be, but there was no turning back now.