Taking Chances Page-29

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

been more sure of anything in my whole life. Now hurry up and rip these clothes off me!” “Yes, Ma’am. Happy to oblige,” he said in my ear as he nuzzled my neck. He eased the pink tee shirt over my head as I worked to free him of his clothes. My eyes opened wide in surprise as he undid my bra with one quick flick of his long, capable fingers. We were still in the doorway of the trailer with our legs hanging out. It should have been uncomfortable, and I should have been concerned that someone would see us, but my mind had been taken over by my body and my body had been taken over by pleasure. Whatever his mouth was doing to my breast made me ache for more, and his hand was slowly working its way up my leg, past the hem of my mini skirt. I ran both of my hands over him. I had managed to dispose him of his shirt, but his jeans were still in the way. I got them loosened, and I lowered the waistband of his underwear so that he sprang out. Instantly, I wrapped my hands around him. His skin was velvety smooth, and he was rock hard and huge. I ran my fingers along his length and moaned with pleasure at the feel of him. He grabbed my hands and pulled them to his lips for a kiss. “Abby, that feels amazing. A little too amazing, actually.” As he rolled us over, he informed me, “I am a gentleman, and gentlemen always let ladies go first.” I almost confessed that he didn’t have to bother with trying to pleasure me, but I forced myself to stop. He lowered his hands to undo my skirt and quickly yanked it off me. He cupped his hand over my soaked panties and groaned. “You’re so wet.” “For you,” I whispered in his ear. I lifted my hips and he ripped my panties down. I panted as his fingers slid down the front of me. He slowly spread me apart and began making slow circles. My legs fell wide open. His other hand played with my nipple until it was a hard nub, and he gently kissed me on the mouth. It was too many wonderful sensations at once. I felt like I was going to explode.