Taking Chances Page-27

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I was surprised when he turned down a wooded lane that angled towards the lake. Seth seemed almost nervous as he parked the Jeep. “I told you it wasn’t anything special.” I don’t know what I had expected, but it wasn’t the Airstream trailer that sat before me. “Oh,” I gulped. “It’s nice.” It came out almost like a question, even though I hadn’t meant for it to. Once the surprise wore off, and I began to look around, I realized that this was the perfect spot for Seth. The lot was full of trees and had a beautiful view of the lake. At the edge of his land was a huge pole barn where Seth built his boats. It was an ideal place for Buddy to roam I noted, as he came over to greet me with a sniff before taking off to chase a leaf. Seth had built an amazing cedar deck on the front of the trailer, so we sat down to relax and talk in his rocking chairs. I looked out over the water and said, “Okay, this really is nice,” with more conviction this time. “The trailer is temporary. I just fell in love with the location, so I’m going to build here one day,” he told me. “Build it yourself?” I asked. “Do you already have plans? How exciting to be able to make it exactly how you want.” “No plans yet.” He became quiet, and I wondered if he was going to elaborate. He looked right at me with those gorgeous green eyes and said, “I’ve been waiting for the right woman to come along, so we can decide on our dream house together.” I almost melted on the spot. What I wouldn’t give to be his ‘Ms. Right.’ He was absolutely ideal, and I didn’t feel worthy of being with him, but I decided to enjoy every moment I had with him, even if it meant I was just his ‘Ms. Right Now.’ I blurted out, “Want to take this party inside?” I wondered where this newfound boldness was coming from. “Oh, uh.” He ran his fingers through his hair.