Taking Chances Page-26

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I had always believed, deep down, that he was the one with the fertility issue. Whenever I broached the subject with him to be tested, he became irate and insisted that I was the one whose equipment didn’t work, so I was probably the one who couldn’t conceive. I had never gone for the testing because I wanted to hold on to the hope that I could conceive a child. The baby bump protruding from Trudy’s too-tight, leopard print mini-dress was proof that I had been the reason we couldn’t get pregnant. Not only did my lady parts not know how to have fun, they didn’t even know how to do what they were made to do. I felt broken and sad, and I wanted to get away from these two. I didn’t even know what had been said as I stood there reeling, and I didn’t care. “Okay, take care. Buh-bye.” I grabbed Seth’s arm and stalked off, wondering how Larry was still able to ruin things for me. Seth waited until we were a safe distance away before saying, “You still care about him, huh?” “Larry? Ick, no! I just was caught off-guard with the whole baby thing.” I was determined not to let Larry and Trudy ruin my wonderful date with Seth. I would think about the dire implications of Larry being able to impregnate Trudy later. Tonight was about Seth, and I wasn’t ready for it to end. I wanted to forget all about Larry and his baby momma and thoroughly enjoy my time with Seth. In what was likely the boldest statement of my life, I turned to him and said, “How about showing me your place?” Seth was clearly surprised, but he smiled. “It’s not much, but I do have big plans for it someday.” “I’m sure it’s great,” I said as I locked arms with him and marched him back up the gravel path to the parking lot of Joe’s. He showed me to a dark green Jeep Wrangler with no doors and helped me climb in. As we drove, I cleared my mind as the wind whipped through my hair. It was a clear night and there seemed to be a million stars twinkling above us.